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Our Professional Team

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Our dedicated team boasts over 15 years of industry expertise, ensuring that we deliver the quality results you've come to rely on.

   ~  At Your Service ~

 We take pride in exceeding your expectations, one gutter at a time. Discover the difference with us today!
Our skilled experts, equipped with extensive training, ensure the most comprehensive gutter cleaning and repair, leaving your drainage system clear and unobstructed.

In Our Toolbox

   ~ Leave It To The Pros~


Gutter Cleaning Vaccum

designed to remove debris, leaves, and other unwanted materials from gutters


High Definition
Gutter Cams

offers superior clarity for precise gutter inspection


4-story vacuum
extension kit

extends the reach of vacuum for efficient gutter cleaning in elevated or challenging areas

Why Choose Us?

   ~ Excellence, Expertise, Efficiency  ~

People choose Capital for gutter cleaning and repairs because of our experienced and skilled team, commitment to quality, focus on safety, flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.


We also offer additional property maintenance services, making us a convenient one-stop solution for your needs.


Don B.

"We have used Capital Windows for a number of years cleaning our windows and cleaning our gutters. We have always been satisfied with their work. Would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends."

Nelly B.

"We have used Capital Windows and Snow services for a few years now, and very happy with the quality of their work!"

Laurie A.

"We have used Capital for a number of years already. Absolutely nothing poor to say. The service has always been well done, prompt and friendly."

Our No Risk Guarantee

100% Licensed & Insured

100% Qualified

100% Satisfaction

If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with our services, please reach out to us within the next three business days, and we'll promptly address the matter at no additional cost to you.

Climbing a Ladder

How We Do It

   ~  Reviving Your Gutters ~


Inspection & Field Level Hazard Assessment 

We thoroughly inspect the gutters to determine the extent of dirt, grime, buildup and any potential damage.  

Safety measures are of paramount importance, especially for challenging-to-reach or elevated gutters.


Preparation & Cleaning

Our technicians assemble and check their equipment for quality, safety and cleanliness. Commencement of debris removal and gutter flushing.


Quality Control

Begin post-cleaning inspections for spots, or missed areas, addressing imperfections to ensure a pristine result. Any problem areas will be discussed with the client. Quality control is essential to meet the high standards of professional eavestrough cleaning, ensuring the gutters are clean, clear, free of residue and functioning properly before the next heavy rainfall.


Final Inspection & Cleanup

Final inspection to ensure each gutter meets quality standards. Technicians clean up the work area, removing equipment and debris. Additionally, they may inform the client of any issues uncovered during the cleaning, such as damaged or leaking gutters.

Beat the Rush


Protect Your Investment! 
Book Your Gutter Cleaning and Repair Appointment Today!

What To Expect

~    From Clogged to Clear    ~

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Contact Us

request a quote and book a gutter cleaning appointment.

Appointment Confirmation

receive email and text message of your appointment date and time

Arrival Time

receive a phone call or text message with our approximate arrival time when we are on the way

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Initial Site Inspection

close examination of your gutters and property to determine what tools and gear are needed to get your gutters cleared and how to keep our crews safe on the job.

Eavestrough Cleaning

we get hard to work removing debris, inspecting downspouts, and ensuring proper water flow to maintain functionality and prevent damage to your home.

Metal Rain Gutter

Clean & Tidy

We ensure that your property remains just as it was when we arrived, except with meticulously cleaned and well-functioning gutters.

Spread the Word

refer us to a new client can recieve a $25 credit towards your next service with Capital Windows & Snow.


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