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Snow Removal



Our Professional Team

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Our dedicated team boasts over 15 years of industry expertise, ensuring that we deliver the quality results you've come to rely on.

   ~  At Your Service ~

 We take pride in exceeding your expectations, one shovel at a time. Discover the difference with us today!
Our skilled experts, equipped with extensive training, ensure the most efficient snow removal services, leaving your property clear and unobstructed in a timely manner.

In Our Toolbox

   ~ Leave It To The Pros ~

 Effective solutions to prevent ice buildup and break up thick layers.

Selective focus on technical salt grains on icy sidewalk surface in wintertime, used for m

Professional Grade Shovels, Ice Chippers & Ice Melt


Backpack Blowers

With powerful air volume and velocity, it facilitates quick and effective snow removal.

Snow Blower

Professional Grade
Snow Blowers

Quick and effective removal of heavy snow or large snowfalls.

Why Choose Us?

   ~ Excellence, Expertise, Efficiency  ~

Jamey B.

 "...absolutely amazing to deal with. They arrived very quickly and made sure everything was kept clear and safe all winter long. We would highly recommend their services!"

P. Dilly

"I have had Capital Window and Snow service for the past few years for both snow removal and window cleaning. Snow removal was always done promptly and efficiently."

Matt J.

"Ive been with capital since they opened...These guys are AMAZING with snow removal. I recommend them to anyone i can and most of my street is with them. Best in Edmonton by far. Service and price."

People choose Capital for snow removal because of our experienced and skilled team, commitment to quality, focus on safety, flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.


We also offer additional property maintenance services, making us a convenient one-stop solution for your needs.


Our No Risk Guarantee

100% Licensed & Insured

100% Qualified

100% Satisfaction

If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with our services, please reach out to us within the next three business days, and we'll promptly address the matter at no additional cost to you.

ֿSnow Shovel

How We Do It

   ~  Seasonal Snow Removal  ~


Inspection &  Hazard Assessment 

Our team conducts a meticulous property inspection to identify snow buildup, assess potential hazards, and ensure thorough clearing, while prioritizing and maximizing crew safety. 


Preparation & Cleaning

Our technicians assemble and check their clearing equipment for quality. Typical equipment used includes backpack blowers, shovels, snow blowers, ice chippers, and snow melt. 


Quality Control

Begin inspections for missed or problem areas on driveways and sidewalks, addressing imperfections to ensure a pristine result. Quality control is essential to meet the high standards of snow removal services.


Final Inspection & Cleanup

Final inspection to ensure each driveway and sidewalk meets your quality standards. 

Beat the Rush

Sign up by September 30th and recieve better rates for your snow removal quote for the upcoming season

What To Expect

~    The Process From Start to Finish  ~

Shovelling Snow

Contact Us

request a quote and book your seasonal snow removal services.

Service Confirmation

receive email confirmation of your snow removal services.


when the snow starts flying, our crews get on the road. 


Site Inspection

close examination of your property to determine what equipment is needed to get your properly cleared and how to keep our crews safe on the job.

Snow Removal

we get hard to work removing fresh and packed snow in the most efficient manner possible. Occasional ice chipping due to pre-packed snow may be required. 

Snow Blower

Final Inspection

We ensure that your property remains unobstructed and meticulously cleared. Any final touchups or missed areas will be rectified.

Spread the Word

refer us to a new client can recieve a $25 credit towards your next service with Capital Windows & Snow.


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