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Pressure Washing



Our Professional Team

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Our dedicated team boasts over 15 years of industry expertise, ensuring that we deliver the quality results you've come to rely on.

   ~  At Your Service ~

 We take pride in exceeding your expectations, one spray at a time. Discover the difference with us today!
With their extensive training and qualifications, our professionals use top-notch pressure washing equipment in the most efficient manner to leave your house looking pristine and free from any dirt or grime, while being gentle enough to protect your property.

In Our Toolbox

   ~ Leave It To the Pros ~

Soap Suds

Pressure Washers

Special Nozzle Kit

Eco-friendly detergents

Say goodbye to dirt and stains as our high-pressure cleaning tool works its magic

 a versatile selection of nozzles to tackle any cleaning task with precision and ease.

 environmentally friendly detergents to effectively loosen dirt, oil, grime, and residues 

Why Choose Us?

   ~ Excellence, Expertise, Efficiency  ~

People choose Capital for pressure washing because of our experienced and skilled team, commitment to quality, focus on safety, flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction.


We also offer additional property maintenance services, making us a convenient one-stop solution for your needs.


Beth S.

"Two very helpful young men came. Did the work professionally and quickly."

Kathleen M.

"Have used Capital Windows a couple of times now.  Highly recommend."

Linda R.

“Very good work by 3 friendly, courteous, professional young men. Would happily recommend.”

Our No Risk Guarantee

100% Licensed & Insured

100% Qualified

100% Satisfaction

If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with our services, please reach out to us within the next three business days, and we'll promptly address the matter at no additional cost to you.

How We Do It

   ~  One Spray at a Time ~


Inspection & Hazard Assessment 

We conduct a comprehensive property assessment to evaluate the extent of dirt, grime, and buildup, as well as to identify any potential damage. Furthermore, we prioritize safety measures, especially in cases of challenging and / or elevated surfaces,


Preparation & Cleaning

Our skilled technicians gather and inspect their pressure washing equipment to ensure its quality and cleanliness. They select the most suitable equipment and nozzles to efficiently remove dirt and grime, all while taking care to protect your valuable property.


Quality Control

Our technicians initiate post-pressure washing property inspections to check for any spots, or areas that may have been missed, and they take measures to rectify imperfections, ensuring a flawless outcome. 


Final Inspection & Cleanup

Our final inspection involves a detailed examination of the cleaned area. This quality control step ensures that the property is left in a pristine condition, meeting our high standards of excellence and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 

Revitalize Your Space!

🌟  Limited availability!
💧  Restore and refresh 
🏡  Enhance your curb appeal instantly
🔥  Unleash the hidden brilliance of your property

What To Expect

~    From Start to Finish    ~

Pressure Washer on Stairs
Backyard Washing
Power Washing Bench

Contact Us

request a quote and book a pressure washing appointment.

Appointment Confirmation

receive email and text message of your appointment date and time

Arrival Time

receive a phone call or text message with our approximate arrival time when we are on the way

Initial Site Inspection

a thorough inspection of your property is conducted to assess the equipment and attire necessary for achieving a pristine result, while also ensuring the safety of our team during the task.

Pressure Washing

We roll up our sleeves to effectively eliminate grime, dirt, oil and grease from your surfaces, ensuring they remain spotless and brilliantly clean.

Clean & Tidy

We ensure that your property sparkles like it's brand new, and that your property remains as tidy as it was when we arrived. 

Spread the Word

refer us to a new client can recieve a $25 credit towards your next service with Capital Windows & Snow.


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